'Making the world more beautiful with my paintings'


Floor Hertog, 1993, was born in Didam and works in the Zwolle area. She graduated as a specialist painter in the direction of decoration and restoration painter at the Cibap in Zwolle. And completed her second study at ArtEZ University of Applied Sciences in 2017 van arts in Zwolle, study Illustration Design.


After Floor Hertog completed the Illustration Design course in 2017 , she started her own business on 1 August 2017. She is always looking for new  challenges to make the world more unique and beautiful for others around her.


In 2013 Hertog obtained her diploma as a specialist painter in the field of decoration and restoration painter . As a decorative painter and illustrator, she has  specialized in various painting and drawing techniques, types of paint and styles in recent years  : from abstract to highly detailed painting. Experiment and research into material are central. In her illustration work she likes to incorporate nature and bright colors to create vivid images. Her passion is drawing and painting and she is always developing herself in this field. 


She is a real centipede. Floor is engaged in various activities and has also developed a love for traditional techniques. She is also involved in various finishing techniques such as; gilding, lettering brushes and imitation techniques. She has also established her name as a house painter in the painting profession. In collaboration with various painting companies, she has gained the necessary experience as a house painter / craftsman in recent years. She likes to combine her creative work with her craftsmanship as a house painter. She finds craftsmanship and product knowledge very important to be able to guarantee the quality of her work.


Floor likes to design her own paintings, illustrations and decorations. That is why she  likes to work for clients, so that she can develop their ideas into a work of art. For example, you can  think of a nice painting for a children's room or paintings  of your favorite holiday destination or pet.